Sunday, 18 November 2007

Thank You Robyn

I've just received a response from Robyn (alias Zimble) to my anger at NHS waste and callous administrative cuts. It made me cry.

Take a look at her blog on and look for Sunday, 18 November 2007. Robyn's eloquence and literacy always make her comments worth reading, but it's her honesty and openness that make it so moving.

Robyn, thank you from the other side of the world. Never doubt what you do.


Zimble said...

Blimey, now we're both in tears. Please, somebody pass the tissues! Thanks Jem, take care, Z.

Caroline said...

Hi Jem,
I tried to send you a personal e-mail, but received a message that you mailaddress doesn't exist any more. Hope the operation on your son goes well. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Just like Robyn, I don't know you, only by mail, never the less, I'll keep my fingers crossed.