Saturday, 17 November 2007

Health & Safety Costs Lives

If this wasn't criminal it would be funny
As I write this my youngest son's in hospital awaiting surgery for a brain tumour. This follows weeks of bullying doctors to agree that unsupportable, disabling head pain merits something more effective than paracetamol. But our beleagured National Health Service can't afford to use its MRI scanners to save patients' lives.
Fortunately though there's plenty of money to pay consultants to create the ludicrous, pointless crap in the poster above. We can't afford to treat patients, but we can afford to educate them in the difference between an accidental fall, an anticipated physiological fall and an unanticipated physiological fall. Click on the image and read the text. I promise you this is real.
Money - your money if you live in the UK - is being spent on "Desk Awareness Training" to make sure that the NHS's overmanned administration departments don't get backache, while trained, dedicated and outnumbered nurses work in unforgiveable conditions for insulting wages.

All the signs indicate that Tom will make a full recovery, and I thank God for that. But the people we pay to keep us safe have failed in their duty and endangered my son's life. And for that they have to be exposed.


Zimble said...

Jem, I don't want to comment. I just wanted to let you know that your post made me write down some things I've been thinking about for a long while ( and that I hope all goes well, Robyn.

Caroline said...

Dear Jem,
I wish you enough strenght to support your son & family. I hope the surgery goes well and he'll recover for 100%.
When I read this, I understand why so many UK-inhabitants come to Belgium for medical care!
Take care, I'll be thinking of you and your family and wish you lots of good luck.

Maranta said...

Dear Jem, I've been reading your blog for some tome now. I very much like your sense of humour and your son Adam's music, and I like the spirit of your family.
I was so sorry to hear about your younger son's illness and I write to tell you that there is one more person - however distant and unknown - who prays for your son's health and happiness. I live away, in Eastern Europe, but I am sure that the energy of prayer and good feelings always finds its way.